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you're booked! now what?

You've selected the FAMILY package.

  • check your messages for what is included in your package.



  • Outfit Recommendation

    • Click here for OUTFIT INSPO

    • Avoid bold prints and graphics in your looks

    • Outfits that allow a range of movement is best

    • Accessorize to make the outfits pop

  • Location + Time Recommendation

    • Haven't pick a location?

    • Golden Hour - Check the weather app for sunset. Book 45-60 mins before the sunset time

    • Once you take a look at all of the above, shoot me an email with 2-3 dates that work for you and we will confirm one of those dates and times for your session.



1) I always do individuals of the baby for the majority of the time and then sneak some time in to capture each parent with the baby and one full family shot.

2) it usually will take 1-2 hours for your session because we will have to include time for the baby to take breaks

3) having your baby sleepy is the best to get photos, so try feeding them right before!

4) solid colors photograph the best. Darker colors are good to avoid having to change in case of spit-up or anything

5) please have any props you want already out. Blankets, swaddles, special outfits that may need steaming should be steamed before the session! We will spend the majority of the time photographing in the nursery**

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