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Black Lives Matter: #BLMMovement Indy

All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.

First of all, you should know I’m nervous to write this because I feel like what I say will never be enough to touch on what is happening to black lives. I feel as if I can never do enough, but I will try. I will always try. I feel compelled to use my little tiny corner of the internet to share my perspective on what’s happening in our world today because I think a lot of people who follow me probably share the same feelings.

BLM is not political. It is not politics, and it is not controversial. These are people's lives.

It was important for me to take action before I posted my opinion. I will continue to take action by signing any petition I can get my hands on, donating wherever and whenever I can, and continuing to educate and evaluate myself consistently. I will share links at the bottom and encourage you to take action with me.

Yesterday I walked down the streets that led to the crowd of protestors and joined in with the peaceful protest at Monument Circle in downtown Indiana. I plan to join the protest again this weekend, more prepared, and to give out water and snacks. The emotions that swept over me being in the crowd was intense. Christian music played in the back while two men shouted over microphones to be heard by the masses. Warning them.

Tear gas.

Be prepared.

Don’t touch your face.

Tears blurred my vision and threatened to pour-over. There was so much power, strength, and emotion. A chant rumbled through the crowd.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

Downtown was nothing like I thought it would be. Yes, the buildings around the circle were boarded up and graffiti scattered around some areas, but the protest was powerful. No rioting and destruction. Policemen closed certain streets up and sat in their police cars. The State Capitol building was surrounded by military people in uniform. The protestors were together at Monument Circle. Some handed out snacks and drinks. And some handed out extra goggles for those with contacts in their eyes to prepare for any turn of events.

Get educated. Speak up. What is happening on the news the past few days is not NEW. This has been happening, and we cannot stay silent or “be neutral” because of our privilege. Donate. Advocate.

“I’ve debated posting anything for the past few days, but ultimately feel that staying silent is not an option.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor,” -Desmond Tutu

It is long past the time to wake up. Our empathy is NOT ENOUGH.

I will do better. I will make mistakes, but I will learn from them. I will educate myself more. I will speak out. I will stand up. I will donate. I will advocate. I will read. I will research. I will call people out. I will call myself out. I will get uncomfortable. I will not be complacent. I will do the work.

My heart breaks, but that is NOT ENOUGH. Take action.” -Daniela

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