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February Desi Wedding: Atishi and Sahib // Columbus, Indiana

Lucky things on a wedding day include two people so in love with one another, vendors who have an immense fiery passion for their jobs, and a crazy amount of beautiful, fluffy untouched snow. And at the wedding of Atishi and Sahib at The Belvedere Room, Hotel Indigo in Columbus, Indiana on a Monday night, there were all the lucky elements.

Intimate weddings have been the new normal this past year with everything going on. Weddings that use to include those from all over the world and hundreds of guests are few and far between. For Mr and Mrs Mehta, an intimate wedding made for a beautiful ceremony. While the event spanned half a day rather than the typical multiple days, they were still able to do two outfit changes and include some sweet traditions.

The large circle decor adorned with florals caught my eye the second I walked into the room. Here, the couple held hands and repeated their vows. Family and friends came rushing to their side, throwing flower petals on the newlyweds after they promised: “I Do.”

Tears flooded the room when Atishi’s family came onto the virtual call, and a pre-recorded video appeared. While her family could not be in the same room to celebrate by the couple’s side, her parents and siblings did the most extraordinary job making the day oh so much more special.

The night ended with delicious food and unforgettable dancing. Personally, my favorite part is when the parents get onto the dance floor too! Leaving the event left me with the warmest happy feelings for the newlyweds, even as I walked in three inches of untouched, lucky snow that night.

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