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The Bash: Anna and Conner Nettleton // Carmel, Indiana Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Nettleton has a super special place on my list of coolest couples I’ve gotten to work with. From the moment the two of them adventured with me on a super chilly day to Chicago last year for their engagement session and braved the temperature drop by the lake shore to the big scare of us thinking our cars would get towed, I knew I couldn’t wait for their wedding day.

Anna and Conner hosted a beautiful end-of-May wedding at BASH in Carmel, Indiana. The ceremony space lit up with string lights with tables pushed to the side for chairs to face the center. The bridal suite was tucked in the back corner with a large frosted window inside, allotting light through without the fear of the bride being seen by guests. On the other end of the hall held the room for the groom and his groomsmen.

Once the ceremony ended, we wrapped up group photos in front the venue decor before the couple exited out of the venue for their time alone. The day had been on and off rainy, so it was absolutely perfect that the rain stopped long enough for Anna and Conner to get photos at the Carmel center.

A unique part of the Nettleton’s special day happened during the reception. A close friend of the couple’s had brought his drum to the party and played the drums alongside songs with the DJ. Honestly can say, it was my favorite version of the Cha Cha Slide I’ve ever heard. As I wrap up their album to send off to Anna and Conner, take a look at this highlight of their wedding day.

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