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Snowy Hummel Park Engagement: Lauren + Bailey

When Lauren reached out to me about capturing her wedding day last year, the biggest thing that she emphasized was how much she wanted an engagement session in the snow. We looked into December, but when that month came, we didn’t get that beautiful snowstorm that comes once a year in Indiana. January came and went without a big snowstorm. And in the middle of February, we finally had the most perfect blanket of the snowstorm in Indiana, and we talked to book their ideal session right away.

Lauren and Bailey were such troopers in the cold, with six inches of snow covering the ground. We laughed and danced throughout the session and even sat on an ice patch for some of my personal favorite photos of the two of them. They even did an outfit change in the snow! We wrapped up the session with a snowball fight, and I had the two tackle each other in the snow in some beautiful golden hour light.

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