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Pretty Place Chapel June Wedding: The Chance Wedding // Cleveland, South Carolina

"I love you to the mountains and back."

Today's love story is all about Mr. and Mrs. Dylan and Hannah Chance, who had their wedding plans changed three times because of the events happening in the world and all the restrictions that resulted. The two had initially planned for a wedding in Tennessee, where we had adventured together and captured their engagement photos. That was changed from Tennesse to South Carolina and became a beautiful, intimate wedding at The Pretty Place Chapel (also named Fred W. Symmes Chapel, one of the many buildings that make up YMCA Camp Greenville) with less than 60 of the couple's closest friends and family.

The venue opened its gates precisely an hour before the ceremony time for the wedding party to begin pre-ceremony prep in the bridal suites. The day started with an emotional exchange of notes and gifts between the couple in their separate getting-ready rooms. Then, time was set aside before the ceremony for Hannah to have her moment with her mom as she helped her into her wedding dress and cleared the space for Hannah's first look with her dad. The ceremony started moments later; Dylan shed tears as Hannah walked down the aisle, and golden rays of sunshine shone upon Hannah during their vows, and a flower ceremony included all guests by having them come forward to share a moment with the couple.

Once the ceremony ended, guests drove the hour back towards Heritage Park in Simpsonville, SC, for the reception and dinner. The wedding party and couple stayed behind for photos at the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area in Cleveland, SC. When photos finished, Dylan and Hannah made a quick stop to get Chic-fil-A in their wedding attire before heading to their family's home for quick touchups to ready for the reception entrance.

There are a handful of weekends that I really get to put my favorite title of "travel wedding photographer" in my name, and this weekend was, without a doubt, one of those weekends. My Friday began in the early AM with a drive to Schererville, Indiana, for a Briar Ridge Country Club videography wedding gig. Once the ceremony ended with a traditional Jewish tradition of breaking a glass and a kiss between the couple, the Photos By Hiedi team split up with the lead videographer staying until the reception and myself and the second videographer packing up to head to Greenville, South Carolina. We made it there in time to squeeze in an hour and a half nap before packing the car up with our camera equipment and heading over to Cleveland, South Caroline, for this early morning ceremony. I am so grateful for a job that is my passion and allows me to travel to beautiful places to photograph people's love stories.


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