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McCalments Got Married - White Willow Farms: Arcadia, IN

On a day that forecasted rain and storms all day, we got the good ole Indiana weather and were able to avoid rain altogether while celebrating the marriage of Aly and Jake at White Willow Farms in Arcadia, Indiana.

The two were married under the venue's iconic white arch adorned with a garland of beautiful wood flowers created by the bride and her mother with an overcast sky that had the sun peaking out beyond the clouds once the couple kissed for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. McCalment. The couple had a dear friend officiate the wedding and you could hear his love for the two in the way he spoke to and about them during the ceremony.

The McCalments had an unforgettable wedding that included a special first look where two of Jake's groomsmen surprised him while wearing dresses in place of the bride, an emotional vow reading that had the couple wiping tears off one another's faces, and a surprise dance number by the bride and bridesmaids at the beginning of the reception.


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