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Crossroads Church Wedding: The Wildrick's // Mooresville, IN

Mr. and Mrs. Wildrick are currently celebrating the two saying "I Do!" this past Saturday in Jamaica. The two spent the first Saturday of June getting wed at Crossroads Church in Mooresville, Indiana and held their reception at Mt. Gilead after the ceremony.

Lauren and Bailey began the day in two separate locations, getting ready with each wedding party; the bride and bridesmaid downstairs at the church the couple would later marry in and the groom and groomsman at the groom's house down the street of the church. Lauren's mom, Linda, shared a private moment with Lauren as she helped her into her wedding gown.

A favorite beginning of the day was the "first touch" between Lauren and Bailey before the ceremony. The two opted out of seeing each other beforehand but wanted to read each other letters before the ceremony. Bailey arrived blindfolded and led by two of his groomsman to ensure he would not catch a glimpse of Lauren by accident. They read their letters with tears pouring over before parting ways with a blindfolded hug.

The ceremony had loving moments that included Lauren's grandfather praying over the couple before the two sealed their marriage with a ring and a kiss. Friends and family moved to the reception area while the immediate family, wedding party, and couple joined me at the park for photos. After photos, the wedding party made the reception entrances, and we moved into a taco dinner. Lauren and Bailey finished eating, began making their way around to every table, and spent time talking to all the guests attending the wedding. The next event started with some of the sweetest toasts from the bride's matron of honor, maid of honor, and two of the groomsmen. Laughter ensued from the guests, along with tears from stories told by the four toasts.

The Wildrick's made a final farewell with a bubble exit that gathered friends and family in a line outside the reception hall. Bailey dipped Lauren for a kiss in the middle of the bubble tunnel. The two made their grand exit and drove off in Bailey's truck.


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