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it’s all about that mad love


So you’re getting married and it’s time to make it official! Congratulations! Perhaps that means just the two of you under a waterfall, perhaps that means saying ‘I do’ surrounded by 200 of your closest friends. Either way, you know you want to look back at these moments – the long embraces and whispered sweet nothings, the feeling of the wind on your face and the epic moves at the wildest dance party you’ve ever thrown – and remember them forever. To remember those moments that prove you


 lived passionately 

loved madly 


That’s where I can help.


Let’s plan something amazing together, so you can be 100% in the moment.

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I’m a Sagittarius, I live for brunch, and I can’t get enough of ghost stories. Most importantly though, I’m a wedding photographer, through and through. I grew up in Indiana, where I spent most of my time at my family’s Vietnamese restaurant. I loved being surrounded by delicious slurpy noodles and Café Sua Da, Vietnam’s traditional slow dripped coffee, but I was always off in search of something more, of stories to collect and stories to tell. 


My constant desire to explore led me to big, vibrant cities like New York and Chicago, where there’s no chance to deny the never-ending movement and diversity of life. And photography, well, it’s a combination of my biggest loves – storytelling, diversity, movement. More importantly, it’s a chance to go an adventure with you, to tell your story and document all the greatest parts of life. 


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"Where do I begin?! Hiedi had no problem driving to the place where we started dating (3hour drive) and freezing her butt off to do our engagement pictures which turned out AHHMAZING and we received them back so fast! Next step was my boudoir shoot... she provided the bedroom (adorable) and make up artist for the shoot and had no problem meeting on a week night. More photos that did not disappoint. Next step wedding... she was so sweet. She made my day that much more special. She felt like family, not a photographer. She took every shot on our list and then some. I couldn’t have asked for better photos. I’m super hard on myself and I honestly thought I looked perfect in every photo. That’s saying something! After her long drive home after our wedding, she still found the time to edit a few photos to get us sneak peeks before the night was over. She’s beyond amazing! She goes above and beyond to make you feel special and the quality of her work is by far the best I’ve ever seen! LOVE Hiedi!"

Gunn, 2019

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"Because when all the planning and the dancing is done, the dreamy dress put away and the bowtie tucked into its box, you deserve an album full of beautiful, emotional, vibrant photos to look back on. To relive your most precious memories again, and again, and again."

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a never ending love story

Hey there! I’m Hiedi! 


I grew up in suburban Indiana, surrounded not only by cornfields but also the smells and tastes of Vietnamese food. You see, my family owns a Vietnamese restaurant, and they’re pretty much all chefs. I loved growing up in their restaurant, and the nostalgia it brought with it. I loved the way my Grandma carefully handmade noodles for Pho, a tribute to her culture and her way of passing traditions on to us. Or the way that Vietnam’s slow-dripped, sweet iced coffee transports me to humid afternoons in Vietnam [or city name here], sitting lazily on plastic stools that line the street.


The kitchen I grew up in and the thousands of meals my parents prepared in it were a never-ending love story to times gone by and the culture they grew up in. Even when I was a child, I knew I wanted to tell a story as important as theirs. I just had to find it. 


It started in high school when my journalism teacher selected me as the yearbook photographer. That was all it took! From that moment, I found myself photographing everything I could, from sports to fashion, portraits to headshots… I even became VP of marketing for Ball State’s panhellenic council and public relations chair for my sorority, Phi Mu, to stay close to my camera! But photographing weddings and families – photographing those epic, unassuming, pure kinds of love – was what really stole my heart. 


There are so many things I love about photographing weddings – from the chance to photograph different cultural traditions to the opportunity to travel to incredible places. But most of all, I love that my job means I get to adventure with you, whether that’s driving six hours for your engagement shoot, or meeting up a few years after your wedding to capture your growing family, and everything in-between. 


It turns out, the never-ending love story I most want to capture is yours.


Now, it’s your turn! Let’s get to know each other!
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