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Showcase Yourself & Your Family in Style with Heidi & Team of Professionals


We pride ourselves because of our impeccable photography service. Each photographer has an artistic eye for detail, ensuring that each photo tells portrays a complete picture, expressing your experience just as it was on the day you took the picture.

Our Chicago family photographers and those in Lafayette, Indiana can help you take family photos that capture the essence of the love you all have for one another, while ensuring the photos are just as beautiful as you are.

Natural Photos

We believe that the best photo is one that is natural and taken in a spontaneous environment.  That’s why our Michigan photographers, when taking photographs, try to give you that relaxed environment so that the smile we capture isn’t a forced or fake smile, but a genuine smile that reflects true happiness. Our lifestyle photographers in New York have made many a client happy with this practice.

Senior Pictures

When it comes to capturing true, innocent happiness, it’s the seniors, children, and pets we incorporate into the photos. We love taking photos of seniors because they’re much more experienced and fun to work with – not only do we get to hear intriguing stories from them but we also get to capture a canvas that has seen life to the fullest!

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