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Chicago Love Story

Selena and I met in college when I became a sorority sister of Phi Mu. After she graduated, we connected again a year later when she asked me to come to Chicago to capture her and her soon-to-be husband at the Chicago Riverwalk. They wed a week before we came to see them in Chicago.

HiveBeeFilms tagged along on a day trip to Chicago with me to meet up with Selena and Bryan. We drove through Indiana with the winter storm warning and were greeted by an hour of snow, before we made a stop at Albanese to grab some gummy bears. Once we got to the Chicago Riverwalk, we saw Selena in her beautiful wedding dress around the corner, followed by Bryan, the love of her life. Together, we had captured the most stunning session, and we spent the day with the sweetest couple. The day was documented through a little video clip to capture the moments in between the photographs! Take a look at this gorgeous video HiveBeeFilms put together.

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