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Hummel Park Engagement: Emma + Devon

Emma has been a part of my life for over ten years. When we left Avon, I followed along her life journey through socials. I saw her family grow with a sweet babe and her joy with her engagement to the perfect man for her. And I even got to see when she decided to pick back up her camera and start her photography career.

When Emma and Devon reached out to me about capturing their big day in May, I could not have been more ecstatic. This past week, I spent an hour with the two of them at Hummel Park for their engagement session. Something you need to know is that Emma has the kindest soul and deserves so much happiness. And spending that hour with them, I could see how happy Devon makes her and how in love they are with each other.

There is so much more I could say, but for now, here is a sneak peek of their engagement shots!

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