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L&B... Plus P! // Ironworks & BASH; Carmel, Indiana

The first wedding of the year for Photos By Hiedi kicked off with Mr. and Mrs. Boniface and Leah Muguro's special day. When I tell you that these two know how to throw a wedding, I am not kidding! Let's start from the beginning of the day.

The bridal party got ready in their hotel suite at Ironworks Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ironworks is known for its modern amenities and 19th century-inspired industrial design inside its guest rooms and suites. My undoubted favorite part of the hotel is the lobby, with its large windows that fill the walls. In that lobby is where we had the couple's first look. The way that Boniface's face lit up as soon as he saw Leah could absolutely melt your heart.

The wedding party braved the cold together as we did photos outside the entrance. One of my go-to prompts with big groups is to have them "tackle" hug the couple. I split the wedding party on each side of the couple in a line before counting down and having them run towards the middle and ending in a giant group hug, facing the camera.

Once the wedding party photos wrapped up, the group headed out to BASH, the wedding venue in Carmel, Indiana. Boniface and Leah stayed behind for photos of just the two of them and some with their sweet boy, Pluto. The grouping is what the maid of honor's speech would later call "L&B Plus P!"

The ceremony began with the processional's grand entrance from the windowed venue door that opened up to the outside and ended 20-minutes later with the couple's first kiss as a married couple. The vendors made the event special with a live painter in the back of the ceremony, painting the wedding day, and the DJ was a groomsman himself, making the announcements more personalized to the couple. Friends and family who were up dancing the night away and entirely celebrating Boniface and Leah with so much love and huge smiles the entire night.

Send them a huge congratulations and take a look at the sneak previews.


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makeup Makeup by Sarah Violet

wedding planner Brighter Us Weddings

dj DG Visionaries LLC

live painting Kierra Ready

catering TRAX BBQ, No Coast Cuisine

photo Photos By Hiedi

hotel Ironworks

venue BASH

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