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Jonas Brothers "Sucker" Themed Shoot



S.O.S., the Jonas Brothers reuniting was the absolute best news of 2019. All of the 2000's childhood feels and memories are flooding back. When I watched the "Sucker" music video for the first time, I just knew I had to do a styled shoot based on the unique looks and vibes.

We got all the fun details from each JoBro and J-Sisters. From wild feathers in the hair to spilling negligees and giant accessories. We focused on two specific aspects of the music video; the bath tub scene and the final dance scene,

The Team That Made This Happen...

Photographer: @PhotosByHiedi

Stylist: @jessmeist

Models: Shelby Murphy + AJ Payne

Venue: Carmel, IN

White Dress: @amandasxchange

Necklace: @amandasxchange

Sunglasses: @francescas

Props: @target

Feathers: @michaelsstores

We didn't have a giant group of pugs, but we did have some sweet pups to add into the session! Shouting out the dog models: Buddy + Pal

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