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The Canal: Senior Graduate Sneak Peek

An early 10:00 AM session got shifted to later that evening due to the ever-changing Indiana weather and the fall rains. The sun was hidden by giant fluffy clouds by the time our session hit at 5:30 PM, only to peek out as golden hour struck, filling the Canal with warm, golden glows. The fall weather was the perfect amount of chilly. The kind of weather that you turn off the AC for and roll the windows down while you drive pass rows of trees that carry the changing colored leaves.

Trenton and his family met me downtown Indianapolis along the Canal to grab some shots with the city in the back and the beautiful nature surrounding us in the city's heart. Trenton is an Avon senior who will be graduating this upcoming May. He is academically driven, being in multiple AP classes and involved in numerous activities outside of classes. Trenton plays piano, plays saxophone in the Avon Marching Black & Gold, and a hurdler on the Avon track and field team.

As blue hour hit, we wrapped up the senior session. We had gotten so lucky with a quiet Sunday downtown with not too many people littering the Canal. Take a look at these sneak peeks from our downtown Indy adventure!

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