Your wedding day. 

Your family portraits.

Your first photos with your perfect new baby. 

These are all some of life’s biggest moments, and they deserve to be remembered, to be held in the palm of your hand as the years pass by, from the excitement of new love to the heady nostalgia of days gone by. 


The best way to create those epic photos, the ones you’ll hold on to and look back on, is to make sure you’re in the moment, you’re having fun. You’re moving and dancing and cuddling and kissing! When you book a photo session with me, that’s exactly what we’ll do!


My number one priority is making sure you’re having a great time. You should leave our session feeling invigorated and excited, and even more sure of your love. This means I’ll give you time, I’ll step back, I’ll encourage you to sing and dance and get oh so very close. I’ll use silly prompts if the camera makes you nervous – and don’t worry, it makes almost all of us nervous! But that’s why I’m there, to guide you along the way, and I’m sure we’ll have so much fun! 


Most importantly though, I want you to know that no detail is too small, no moment too trivial. The photos that we make together are for you. If you’re including a cultural tradition that’s important to you, if you’re obsessed with your baby’s toes or if the details of your dress are a dream come true, then don’t be afraid to ask. 


After all, you’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life. 


Let’s Start Making Memories! 

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"Hiedi weathered all obstacles to make our day special! She had creativity, great customer service, and was eager to capture this moment with us! Her editing skills made me feel like I should go into modeling! Lol She truly went above and beyond my expectations! Glad we booked her! Up and coming big time photographer! Thanks again!"

Blackmon, 2020


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