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Payne Wedding:"It's Finally Happening!"

Have you ever met a couple that, when you see them together, you think, "those two fit so well together, it just makes sense"? AJ and Shelby were the very first couple that I ever had that thought about when I met the two of them in high school. I can't even imagine Shelby without AJ or AJ without Shelby. The two are each other's number one supporters and absolute partners in every aspect of life.

These two have a big place in my heart. Shelby and AJ have been models in front of my camera throughout my photography journey over the past 11 years. I have photographed their senior graduation photos and various couple photos for them, and they were my models for my first ever styled shoot and my very first blog on my website.

I don't ever share a couple's love story from their wedding website, but the world needs to read their super sweet engagement story, written by Shelby herself.

"On July 12th, 2020, the two celebrated their 7-year anniversary at West Lafayette, Indiana. They had been discussing marriage for a while, and Shelby suspected that day to be "THE day." AJ took Shelby to a u-pick flower farm, and they collected flowers to make bouquets. However- Shelby left ring-less *sad trumpet noise.* Afterwards, they went back to their Purdue apartment to prepare for a picnic on campus. Shelby noticed that AJ had been fiddling with her purse, and he REFUSED to let her wear it out on their date. The purse remained strapped across AJ's chest the whole time. "Either the ring is in my purse, or he has developed a sudden jealousy of my fashion accessories," Shelby thought. As they finished lunch- Shelby was getting more suspicious, and AJ became increasingly giddy. They set off to take a walk around campus, and Shelby accidentally spotted her friend, Allyson, hiding in the bushes. How interesting! Not weird at all... *wink.* Eventually, under the Purdue archway, AJ pulled out a hand-crafted ring box he had made with wood from his great grandfather's shop. You know the rest... of course, she said yes. Shoutout to Allyson for capturing the moment on film. A hilarious proposal story fits the couple's energy perfectly."

After over 10 years of dating, Mr. and Mrs. Payne said their "I Do's" at Laurel Hall on August 20th, 2022. The day was beautiful and full of intimate first looks, loving friends and family, and all the dancing a wedding could want!


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