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The Payne’s: Downtown Indianapolis, Monument Circle Intimate Wedding Ceremony

A beautiful day in downtown Indianapolis on September 25, 2020, had my heart bursting with so much joy to celebrate the love between Britni and Cody on their intimate wedding ceremony. The weather was beyond perfect, with cool breezes passing on the warm fall day. The sky showed a vibrant blue moments before the sun lit the sky with its warm golden tones as the golden hour set. The typically crowded downtown Indianapolis circle stayed pretty calm for a Friday night, ensuring the couple had their intimate wedding ceremony.

As the wedding event began, the Payne’s and I met up at their apartment building. The sun rays hit and illuminated their living room with the warmest tones, making the most magical backdrop for candid getting ready moments. A playlist of the couple’s favorite jams played in the background, starring hits that the two play during most road trips, leading to fun dancing moments with a couple dips here and there. Britni and Cody took some time before the ceremony being each other’s hype person and adjusting the smallest details from tying ties to fixing sleeves to cutting off tags and zipping up dresses. We took our time and danced and laughed, capturing sweet candid moments. Penny, the curious cat with vibrant green eyes and skittish tendencies, stayed close to keep an eye on what we were up to.

The oven clock showed the minutes ticking by, keeping us up to date for the moment that it hit 5:45 PM. As time clicked into place, we left to descend the apartment elevators and join family and friends at the circle downtown. Off the elevator, the two walked hand in hand across the street as friends and family cheered as the two got near.

The officiant wed the two as friends and family circled, rings were exchanged, and the first kiss as a married couple. The excitement of the champagne pops ended the ceremony, and the couple took some time to mingle amongst friends and family before group photos. Passing cars filled the downtown circle with booming music, creating the perfect vibe to an ideal wedding.

Britni and Cody had taken time before to bake goodies together (cookies and blondies) and package them in personalized boxes with handwritten calligraphy on the outside of the box. They handed the baked goods to the guests as a thank you for being a part of their special day.

As the last guest said their goodbyes, the couple came with me for a short downtown adventure where we caught the last of the golden rays for their first photos as husband and wife.

The evening was truly the most beautiful and most intimate celebration. I loved the uniqueness of the Payne’s wedding day. The day focused on celebrating the union of the two and celebrating the love between Britni and Cody.

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