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After All This Time? Always : The Shulaw Wedding // Speedway, Indiana

In March of 2019, Tyler got down on one knee in front of The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri to propose to Kara. And on the weekend before the two celebrated their four-year anniversary, they joined together at the Speedway Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 17, 2020 to say “I Do.”

Special moments from the day included three first looks. The first look with the bridesmaids, the first look with the bride’s father, and the first look without the look between the couple.

Kara got into her wedding gown with the help of her mother and sister. Her mother buttoned the gown up and her sister pinned the veil into her hair. Once Kara was dressed, we stepped out into the Hall of Lights, where her bridesmaids had their backs turned, awaiting the big reveal. Kara’s mother and mother-in-law fluffed her dress and gown out behind her. And when the bridesmaids turned for the first look, tears started spilling and the excitement to celebrate Kara and Tyler’s love began even more overwhelming.

The next event was the first look between Kara and her dad. Kara’s father stood in the hallway outside of the bridal suite, his face turned towards a wall at the end of the hallway. Behind him, Kara’s sister fluffed Kara’s train and veil out. Kara walked towards her dad, tapped him on the shoulder, and had him turn around to see her in her wedding dress for the first time. “I’m so proud of you,” her dad repeated over and over in between the hugs.

Moments before the ceremony, the couple slipped away behind the stage for their “first look without the look.” With a screen hiding the two from each other, they were able to reach for each other’s hands. Letters written to each other before the day were read, tears were shed and the reality set that only minutes were left before they would be married.

After the ceremony, Kara and Tyler exited the church with a bubble ceremony and got into Tyler’s family car that him, his brothers, and dad spent years working on. The vintage blue car sped away towards the reception at Pipers at the Marott in Indianapolis, Indiana as the couple cuddled together in the backseat. We spent the rest of the night with beautiful speeches from the brothers of the groom and sister of the bride, lots of dancing from slow dances to some shimmies, and a get-to-know-you game based around the couple.

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